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Reflections Antiaging Beauty Centre

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Thursday, 19 July 2012 22:47

Reflections Antiaging Beauty CentreIf you’ve had concerns about the safety of injecting foreign substances such as Botox or silicone into your body you need worry no more. There is now the option of using your own blood to achieve a youthful facial appearance, address scar tissue issues or even bring about change in a painful joint such  as a knee.

Dr. Viren Saujani, Reflections Anti-aging and Beauty Centre inMedicine Hat, says he believes he is the first to offer this type of treatment in Medicine Hat.

“It’s the sort of thing athletes have been doing for a long time to enhance their performance,” said Saujani. “About 30 ml of the person’s blood is extracted and then treated or spun before the platelets are reinjected where needed.”

The rejuvenated blood helps the body’s own cells to bring about change, said Saujani. Women are seeing the benefits in their facial appearance.

“It’s been called the Vampire Facelift when used on the face because it is a process of using the person’s own blood,” said Saujani. “It helps to replace volume and stimulate blood vessel growth. It can even be injected where there is hair loss to simulate hair growth.”

The process can take about an hour and does involve a little discomfort because of the injections but result are reasonably quick.

“Within a month use can see the change,” said Saujani.

The procedure costs about $1,000 and after enjoying the benefits, the biggest advantage is knowing there is no foreign substance in your body, said Saujani.