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Relax on the beach while winter rages on at home

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Thursday, 04 October 2012 15:03

Summer might be over but the thousands that went before prove it is possible to relax on the beach whilst winter rages on at home.

The folks at Fareconnect.com are in the business of helping cold Hatters find their way to a more favourable climate – if only for a little while. Whether your destination be exotic, balmy or packed with adventure, Fareconnect.com can get you there.

Travel consultant Wendy Burnett says many are already planning their escape to a more desirable climate.

“We’ve had a lot of inquiries about the Christmas season which is already getting booked up,” Burnett says. “Then there is the February break and people are already starting to look into that.” She admits that because the weather at home hasn’t gone south Hatters haven’t either - yet.

“We were sitting at 29 the other day, which is not normal,” explains Burnett. “The Carribean is feeling the effects of that – it is not as busy down there this year as it has been in the past.” Of course some destinations are a family favourite for good reason.

“Because most people are only able to get away during the actual holiday seasons, for seven to 10 days at a time, most want to stay as close to home as possible but still get some sun like in Los Cabos and Puerta Vallarta.”

Burnett says the Pacific Rim gets a “good beating” from Hatters and the like come November. She also says many are bravely searching out more unique destinations.

“If people are willing to sit on a bit longer flight or stay a few extra days they often head for Panama, Costa Rica, Punta Cana or Jamaica. They like to take advantage of the direct flights that leave from Calgary or Edmonton. If they don’t mind taking the red eye and a brief layover in Toronto they can visit Barbados or St. Lucia - even Antigua.”

She admits less people are interested in visiting Europe this time of year.

“European weather is pretty consistent with ours and the trip can be quite expensive,” explains Burnett. “A European trip is for the adventurer - a place where you go and endeavour to see it all. I was in Amsterdam for nearly two weeks and still didn’t see everything I wanted to.”

Among those escaping winter will be those looking to combine nuptials and holiday. Burnett says she has been booking destination weddings more frequently. She explained that there are a number of tour operators willing to go the extra mile for a bride-to-be.

“The idea seems to be gaining steam. We can usually get you a good price for a group of 10 but there are some operators that will actually hold up to 30 seats for as many as 90 days for a wedding party. Cancun and Jamaica seem to be the most popular - the prices are good.” With numerous desitinations the laws are as different as the food. Burnett is just one of the travel consultants at Fareconnect.com capable of ensuring you not only book your dream vacation but also enjoy it.

“Our prices are no different than those online so why wouldn’t you come in and talk with someone who can tell you whether or not you need a visa, discuss passport requirements and currency exchange. Booking your own vacation is fine but who do you phone when you run into problems? I had clients in Thailand during that red shirt problem - their parents wound up feeling much better because I could tell them where their children were, could get hold of them and get them out if necessary.”

Browse destinations, book the vacation you’ve dreamt of and start planning today with Fareconnect.com. Find Burnett and many other friendly faces at Southlands Crossing on Strachan Road S.E.