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The Maxi Dress

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Monday, 09 July 2012 20:37

The Maxi DressThe Maxi dress is every woman's answer to the age old question “What should I wear?” No matter what shape your body, or which event, place or couch you are attending, the Maxi dress is one versatile piece to keep in your wardrobe. They have thousands of designs, from long to short sleeve, and the material can vary as well, you can even buy maternity Maxi dresses! If you are short, hippy or tall and skinny it will won't matter, this dress is just that forgiving. If it wasn't, it wouldn't have stuck around for years and years, it is the most versatile article in any closet, even on the dreaded “fat days”! You can find a vintage Maxi dress at The Post, down off Kingsway!

If you are wondering what kind of Maxi dress to get for summer 2012, the choices are endless. Mint green, fluorescent orange, lace and stripes are super trendy right now. Please don’t mix mint green and orange stripes! Write a comment and let us all know where you found your Maxi dress, please share photos!