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What is a Dental Hygiene Clinic?

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011 19:17

 Dental Hygiene

Article by Marianne Reeder, A.S., RDH of Finesse Dental Hygiene Clinic Ltd.

As a private practicing dental hygienist, I am daily enlightening people to the advantages of providing private dental hygiene care at Finesse Dental Hygiene Clinic. A frequent question I get asked is “Are there other private clinics?” Finesse Dental Hygiene Clinic is the only private standalone clinic that also provides mobile services in the Medicine Hat area.

There is a steadily growing number of clinics in other areas of the province. A fine example is a clinic in Calgary that recently opened - Lifetimes Smiles - owned by dental hygienist Sally Lloyd. Sally’s enthusiasm about her profession is evident in one of her many delightful blogs on her website touching on the question that most, if not all of us private practicing dental hygienists are asked, “What is a dental hygiene clinic?” A shortened version from her blog follows:

“What is a Dental Hygiene Clinic and who are Independent Dental Hygienists anyway?

I am asked some of these questions often, so if one person wants to know, many probably do.

Registered Dental Hygienists who provide services in a variety of practice settings other than a dental clinic are often called “Independent Hygienists”... I know – new lingo!

Practice settings include a dental hygiene clinic, mobile services or both. Yes, that’s right, a mobile hygienist could come right to you or visit homes to see your loved ones. PLEASE, someone send a mobile dental hygienist to me if I am ever in long term care or can’t make it to a dental hygiene appointment.

Independent Registered Dental Hygienists in Alberta:

  • Assess, diagnose (decay and periodontal disease) and treat oral health conditions i.e. exams, x-rays, scale, polish, fluoride, teeth whitening, oral cancer screen, etc.
  • Provide services as clinicians, educators, researchers, administrators, health promoters and consultants.
  • Work in tandem with dentists and other health care professionals...

To summarize, Independent Registered Dental Hygienists can now provide accessible dental hygiene care to all Albertans. And while I know all Registered Dental Hygienists have a reputation of being ‘lecturers of flossing’… we care a great deal about teeth, oral health and overall health.”

Marianne Reeder A.S. RDH Owner/Operator Finesse Dental Hygiene Clinic